ESER 2014

ESER Annual Scientific Meeting 2014
June 4-6, 2014


The ESER Annual Scientific Meeting 2014 was held from June 4-6, 2014, in Vienna, Austria. The ESER Congress attracted about 120 participants from 25 different countries, specialists from all over Europe involved in emergency radiology. During the three-day course, 42 internationally renowned speakers gave an overview and detailed insights into the complex topic of emergency radiology.

We hope you have enjoyed the ESER Annual Scientific Meeting 2014 and are very much looking forward to welcoming you again in 2015!

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Congress President
G. Schueller, Buelach/CH (President ESER Annual Scientific Meeting 2014)

ESER Board
U. Linsenmaier, Munich/DE
M. Scaglione, Castel Volturno/IT
S. Wirth, Munich/DE
V. Miele, Rome/IT
G. Goh, Melbourne/AU
F. Berger, Amsterdam/NL

ESER Country Statistics 2014


Austria 31
Germany    14
Italy    13
United Kingdom    11
Belgium 6
Spain 6
Switzerland 4
Estonia 3
United States of America 3
Hungary 3
Slovakia 2
France 2
Netherlands 2
Turkey 2
Romania 2
Australia 2
Latvia 2
Greece 2
Denmark 2
Poland 2
Luxembourg 2
Croatia 1
Norway 1
New Zealand 1
Qatar 1


Corporate Sponsors
ESER would like to thank all sponsors of the Annual Scientific Meeting 2014:

Silver Sponsors
AGFA Philips  GE Healthcare

Corporate Sponsors
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