Term of Office
President 2017-2019 S. Wirth, Munich/DE
President-Elect 2017-2019 E. Dick, London/UK
Vice President 2017-2019 R. Basilico, Chieti/IT
Past President 2017-2019 M. Scaglione, Castel Volturno/IT
Treasurer 2017-2019 M. Stajgis, Poznan/PL
Secretary 2017-2019 C. Calli, Izmir/TR
Member at Large 2017-2019 M. Dumba, London/UK
Member at Large
2017-2019 F. Berger, Toronto/CA
Member at Large 2017-2019 U. Linsenmaier, Munich/DE
Member at Large 2017-2019 K. Katulska, Poznan/PL
Member at Large 2017-2019 F. Mück, Munich/DE
Member at Large 2017-2019 E. Akpinar, Ankara/TR



Term of Office Position Support
Programme Planning Officer (PPO) 2017-2019 Past President M. Scaglione, Castel Volturno/IT U. Linsenmaier
PR & Communication Officer (PRO) 2017-2019 Secretary C. Calli, Izmir/TR E. Akpinar
Educational Officer (EDO) 2017-2019 Vice President R. Basilico, Chieti/IT F. Berger
PR & External Affairs Officer (PREAO) 2017-2019 Treasurer M. Stajgis, Poznan/PL K. Katulska
Membership Officer (MO) 2017-2019 President S. Wirth, Munich/DE F. Mück
Webinar Officer (WO) 2017-2019 President-Elect E. Dick, London/UK M. Dumba

ESER Representatives at ESR Committees

Term of Office
ESR Subspecialities and Allied Science Committee 2017-2019 S. Wirth, Munich/DE
ESR Educational Committee 2018-2020 R. Basilico, Chieti/IT
ESR Quality, Safety and Standards Committee
2018-2020 F. Mück, Munich/DE
ESR Research Committee 2018-2020 E. Dick, London/UK